Measuring Cups & Spoons

Measuring Cups and Other Kitchen Essentials

There are some kitchen necessities that it's easy to take for granted. These are the reliable tools that perform simple but essential kitchen tasks - things like measuring cups, measuring spoons, whisks and mixing bowls. These straightforward utensils and tools are kitchen standards that no home cook will want to be without.

The Details

Whether you're just starting out with your own kitchen or looking to replace or update some kitchen basics, Williams Sonoma has a wide selection of options in each category. First up are measuring cups and measuring spoons. While some experienced cooks don't feel the need to measure out exact amounts of each ingredient, most people will feel a lot more comfortable, particularly when making a dish for the first time, if they have the tools necessary to make exact measurements, and even the most skilled chefs wouldn't attempt to bake without measuring cups and spoons or a scale. Here are a few of the measuri(more...)