Hot Chocolate Shop

Enjoy a Warm Cup of Gourmet Hot Chocolate in Your Kitchen

When it comes to little indulgences, there's nothing quite like the warm comfort of a gourmet hot chocolate. Now, you can experience this delicious treat in your own home when you pick up gourmet hot chocolate from Williams Sonoma. Choose from tempting gourmet hot chocolate flavours, like salted caramel hot chocolate or peppermint hot chocolate, and then garnish with your favourite treats, like marshmallows or candy cane shavings. Indulge in the European-style hot chocolate that mimics the thick, rich flavour of hot chocolate from world-class cafes. The chocolate shavings of this beverage melt seamlessly into hot milk, leaving you with a beautiful mug of hot chocolate to enjoy.

And to go along with your gourmet hot chocolate, find everything you need waiting for you at Williams Sonoma's Hot Chocolate Headquarters. From beautifully crafted mugs to handheld milk frothers, complementary dishware and more, hot chocolate is just the beginning of the fun you'll be able to have in your kitchen with great food and accessories. And not only are these items great for home use, but they are also perfect gifts for Christmas. So(more...)