Littledeer Kitchen Tools Are Beautiful Workhorses

Combining form and function is key in the kitchen. After all, it's a room where a lot of critical work gets done several times a day, but it's also the room where people tend to gather, so it has to be both beautiful and functional. That is exactly the same approach that Littledeer takes when crafting their heirloom-quality wooden cooking utensils. Littledeer kitchen tools are thoughtfully designed to be the kind of utensils that you want to keep in a utensil holder on the counter both because they're so useful that you'll be reaching for them again and again and because the sleek shape and wood grain are so lovely.

The Details

Littledeer is a family business that has been sustainably crafting solid maple kitchen tools in Canada for 30 years. The company got its start when Tom Littledeer, an inventor and master woodworker who designed scoop-shaped canoe paddles, realized that a scaled-down version of his paddle design would make a highly efficient wooden spoon. The line soon expanded to include paddles, turners and all kind(more...)