Nonstick Utensils

Expanding Your Cookware Essentials With Nonstick Utensils

When you're looking for your next must-have tools for the kitchen, nonstick utensils can help. These tools have been specially designed to ensure durability to prevent chipping, cracking or warping while you work. We feature a range of sturdy nonstick cooking utensils to help make your cooking, baking and preparing experience easy and reliable, every time.

Choosing the Right Nonstick Kitchen Utensils

While you look at our utensils, think about what you're most likely to use based on what you frequently prepare. Are you looking for tools that help you spread and slather batter or icing for your favourite bakes? Do you like to flip eggs in the frying pan for breakfast or do you need something to help you pick up fish or meat? Think about what you enjoy making to help you narrow down your selection.

What Are Nonstick Utensils Made From?

Our line of nonstick cooking utensils are made from materials such as nylon or silicone. Both are good for use on nonstick surfaces. Silicone is heat-resistant, durable and it won't absorb odours or stains.

Many of our utensils also feature non-slip handles for comfort and safety while you cook. You'll also find that most of our utensils in this col(more...)