Chopping Boards

Chopping Boards For Efficient Food Preparation

Whether you're slicing, dicing or chopping, you need reliable knives for your food preparation. In addition to owning a knife set that you love, having durable chopping boards helps you tackle every cooking task with ease. At Williams Sonoma, discover cutting boards crafted of high-quality materials that hold up well use after use. They are available in several shapes and sizes, allowing you to select one well-suited for your cooking needs. Read on to learn more about Williams Sonoma's chopping boards to discover the right one for your kitchen.

Types of Available Chopping Boards

This collection of cutting boards is designed to last. Discover chopping boards crafted of various materials at Williams Sonoma. Wood boards are classic and durable options. They're made of solid woods, including acacia and maple. These carving boards are hand sanded and finished with food-safe teak oil. They're incredibly sturdy sitting on your countertop, ensuring a steady surface for food prep.

Richlite is a recycled wood fibre composite that is an environmentally friendly option for a chopping board. It's so durable that it won't dull knives, and it's heat-resistant and dis(more...)