Knife Sharpeners

Shop For Cutting-Edge Knife Sharpeners Available Only at Williams Sonoma

Make sure your knives always make the cut by keeping them sharp with our selection of knife sharpeners. Not only does a razor-sharp knife edge make cutting fruits, vegetables and meat easier, but it also prevents the knife from slipping and potentially causing injury. Shop our selection today where you are sure to find the perfect sharpener for keeping your knives in tip-top condition.

Let's take a quick look at the sharpeners available from Williams Sonoma in further detail.

Types of Sharpeners

Here are some of the types of sharpeners offered in this category:

  • Wand sharpener - A honing steel wand sharpener is a must-have tool in a professional chef's kitchen and we have curated a collection of stately pieces for you to sharpen your knives with at home. Simply run your knife along the wand to bring back it's razor-sharp. The wand features a 16-degree curve to ensure your knife edge grinds at just the right angle. Our wands come with a plastic or wood handle for a comfortable grip, They are compact in design so you can store them in a drawer or in your knife block when it is (more...)