Decanters & Pitchers

Elevate Your Serving Game With Decanters & Decanter Sets

Make any beverage you serve a sophisticated experience when you present it in one of the decanters or decanter sets available at Williams Sonoma. Fashionable design details and quality craftsmanship make the tabletop items offered in this collection ones that will be part of your entertaining routine for a long time to come. Check out all the possibilities to discover items that are ideal for pouring a refreshing glass of lemonade, a beautiful vintage of wine and everything in between.

Choosing the Best Pitchers & Carafes For Your Home

With so many different sizes and styles of pitchers and carafes to choose from, determining the best one to add to your collection is all about considering the key features of each option, such as:

  • Type of Decanter: Before you browse the many possibilities, stop to think about what types of beverages you need to serve. There are different styles of decanters designed for pouring different beverages. Wine decanters are shaped to aerate the wine as you pour while water jugs allow for a larger volume so you can serve multiple guests at once.
  • Style: After determining what style of pitcher you need, it's time to look at the finer design details o(more...)