Cleavers & Boning Knives

Cleavers and Other Specialty Knives For Your Kitchen

Proper food preparation calls for a variety of utensils, including knives. While many knives serve a variety of practical purposes in the kitchen, others are designed for specific tasks. Cleavers, butcher knives and boning knives are some specialty knives that you want to have stocked in your kitchen. Each of these knives has a unique design and specific function, allowing you to prepare various cuts of meat properly. In this Williams Sonoma collection, discover cleavers, butcher knives and boning knives for your food preparation needs. Read on to learn more about these knives and discover which style is right for your kitchen.

Understanding Knife Types

Specialty knives serve distinct purposes in the kitchen, so understanding how to use them is the first step in purchasing the right knife for your needs. Consider these options:

  • Cleavers are ideal for breaking down larger cuts of meat. They feature a large, wide blade and ergonomic handle for a secure grip. The blade is strong enough to cut bones and tendons. Because of their strength, cleavers can be used for cutting other tough foods, including heavy vegetables.
  • Butcher(more...)