Setting the Table With Outdoor Table Cloths

Create a modern, inviting table setting on a patio or deck with our selection of outdoor table cloths, outdoor placemats or outdoor table runners. As you explore our range of items, think about other additions you can include to give your next dinner party a creative, contemporary pop.

Consider your centrepieces. Uplift your tabletop by placing a floral arrangement, wreath, candle or a decorative piece in the middle of the table for visual interest. Think about your aesthetic. Do you like farmhouse-chic with whitewashed tones and rustic elements? Do you prefer clean, simple lines? Soft, muted tones? Do you want to embrace bright colours and lively patterns for a festive party? Consider all of these elements as you prep for your next outdoor event.

How to Use Outdoor Table Cloths, Table Runners & Placemats

Outdoor table cloths and outdoor table runners are the base of any dinner table. Table cloths cover the entire width and length of the table, while table runners are used to divide the middle of the table. Placemats are set down in front of every seat. They add an attractive element to an individual place setting and they help to catch any food pieces, spills or splashes.

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