Kitchen Shears

Kitchen Shears For Prepping Ingredients Like a Pro

Complete your cutlery tools collection by incorporating professional-quality kitchen scissors available at Williams Sonoma today. Our kitchen shears are ideal for trimming garnishes, snipping herbs, cutting vegetables and fresh greens and cutting through hard-to-open plastic packaging. Shop our selection today where you will find the right scissors for all your kitchen tasks.

Let's take a quick look at the selection of scissors available in this category in further detail.

Types of Kitchen Scissors

Here is a quick overview of the types of scissors featured in this collection:

  • Classic kitchen shears - Classic shears are real workhorses in the kitchen and a must-have addition to your utensils collection. This category includes shears that are brought to you by top brands like Shun and Williams Sonoma Open Kitchen. These shears are crafted of pure stainless steel and most come with black handles to coordinate with your kitchen decor. Depending on which product you select, these shears also come with a built-in nutcracker and a jar opener.
  • Pull-apart shears - Our pull-apart shears make it easy to clean them to prevent cross-contamination or harmful bacteria from lingering after use. S(more...)