Dessert Starters

Delicious Baking Mixes to Try

Whip up a tasty treat for any family and friends that enter your home when you shop the selection of baking mixes available at Williams Sonoma. Top-quality ingredients and enticing flavours come together to make any home cook look like a master pastry chef.

Choosing Your Dessert Mixes & Ice Cream Starters

With so many different types of baking mixes and ice cream starters offered at Williams Sonoma, deciding which ones to add to your pantry requires taking a few key factors into consideration, such as:

  • Item: Begin checking out all the different types of baking mixes and ice cream starters available in this collection, considering what types of desserts are favourites among your friends and family. Do you prefer making brownies, serving cookies, offering a classic Bundt cake, or combining a few different desserts on a larger dessert table? This will help direct you toward the proper dessert mixes for your next meal.
  • Flavours: Next, look at all the different versions of that specific dessert, paying attention to the different flavour profiles. Chocolate, lemon, caramel and vanilla all have distinct flavours. Don't just consider your personal favourites, but also consider the other savoury items you are pr(more...)