Ice Cream Tools

Dish Up a Tasty Treat With Help From Ice Cream Scoops

There's nothing quite like the cool taste of ice cream, so dish up yourself a big bowl when you bring home new ice cream scoops. Choose from a variety of styles for your new ice cream scoops, including mechanical options that gently scoop, round and eject perfectly shaped ice cream rounds into your waiting bowl. And if you're wanting to enjoy more tasty, cool treats, then be sure to grab some popsicle moulds. Popsicle moulds or ice pop moulds let you turn your favourite beverages or other liquids into ice cold treats. Just fill your popsicle moulds with tasty items, like fresh juices, yoghurt or purees, insert a popsicle stick and pop them in the freezer. After a few hours, your ice pop moulds will have transformed into a delicious treat that you're going to love. For all your ice cream tool needs, like ice cream scoops, ice pop moulds and more, Williams Sonoma has you covered.

Enjoy Delicious Desserts, Straight From Your Kitchen

You deserve a treat now and again, and Williams Sonoma has just what you need so you can make delicious desserts right in your own kitchen. Stock up on some of these sweet item(more...)