Prepping For Outdoor Cooking

On warm, sunny days, there's no better way to enjoy the company of family and friends than outside on the patio or deck. Plus it's easy to add lunch or dinner to the mix. Outdoor cooking can include grilling, barbecuing and even baking pizzas in a pizza oven.

With so many ways to enjoy preparing and eating foods outside, you're going to need a few essential tools to help make your experience the best one yet. At Williams Sonoma, discover our range of cooking essentials and how they can work for you.

Essential Tools For Outdoor Cooking

As you think about cooking outdoors, consider what items you need. Are you looking for outdoor cookware items like frying pans or griddles or are you in need of grill tools and accessories like marinade trays or grill cleaning brushes?

Outdoor Cookware

These tools include items like ceramic pizza stones and non-stick pans, woks and skillets. You'll find cast-iron fry pans, skillets and Dutch ovens under this category, as well as salt planks and cedar planks.

Ways to Use Outdoor Cookware

Non-stick tools make it easy to cook your favourite foods without the hassle of food particles and residue being caked or coated on your pans and griddles. Outdoor cookware is mea(more...)