Getting Zesty and More With Microplane Graters

When you need to shred, zest or grate foods, look no further than Microplane graters and Microplane zesters. Our range includes every grating style and size you need to create your favourite dishes with ease. Plus, our graters are durably made with sharp, stainless steel blades to make sure that every shred, shave or grate is seamless, every time.

What Are Microplane Graters Good For?

Microplane graters are a versatile kitchen tool when you want to include smaller portions of food items in your favourite meals. From shaving delicate chocolate pieces to zesting lemons, graters can work wonders. Grate ginger, garlic or Parmesan cheese. Shred carrots and onions. Graters make it easier - and safer - for you to do all this and more, without hurting your hands or accidentally cutting your fingers with a knife.

As an added precaution, consider our cut-resistant glove that helps ensure your knuckles and fingers stay protected while you work. It's made from wire-free knit material that is resistant to cuts, and it fits either hand.

What Are the Types of Microplane Graters Available?

A box grater boasts a sturdy design that can sit on a cutting board while you grate. There's more blade surface area (more...)