Fry & Sauté Pans

Cook Up Delicious Meals With Help From Skillets

Few pans see as much use in the kitchen as skillets and saute pans. Skillets are also known as frying pans or fry pans, and these flat-bottomed pans are crafted with frying in mind. Frying pans also feature rounded edges, which are meant to help liquids evaporate more quickly, allowing you to sear cuts of meat and other items with ease. Frying pans or skillets are versatile dishes that let you saute, fry, sear, braise and more, making them an invaluable addition to your kitchen arsenal. Saute pans are crafted to make it easier for you to saute dishes, that is, cooking foods rapidly at high temperatures without the use of much cooking oil. A saute pan has straight edges, and this design feature makes it easier to add liquids to a dish, making saute pans useful for braising or shallow frying. Saute pans are also great for sauteing and stir-frying, making them a multipurpose addition to your kitchen space.

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