Grill Pans & Griddles

Grill in Your Kitchen With Help From Versatile Griddles

Experience the fun of grilling in your kitchen with help from grill pans and griddles. Griddles are crafted with built-in grill marks, and these lines help to ensure even cooking for items like burgers, fish and more. Stove top griddles are perfect for use on your stove, letting you enjoy your favourite grilled foods right in your kitchen. Choose from a variety of stove top griddles, which are offered in a multitude of styles, sizes and materials. For multipurpose stove top griddles, opt for a design that's good for indoor or outdoor use. When your griddle or grill is crafted from a durable material, like cast iron, they're able to seamlessly transition from a stovetop to an outdoor grill. So no matter where you're cooking, your griddle pans can keep up with your needs. And if you're using your griddle pans outdoors on the grill, not only do the grill lines help with cooking, but they also help to increase the flavour of your dishes, working to provide a grilled and charred taste that these foods are known for. For all your indoor and outdoor grilling needs, Williams Sonoma has just what you've been searching for.

Griddle Pans and Other Outdoor-Ready Accessories

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