Garlic & Herb Tools

Bring Home Handy Garlic Presses For Your Kitchen

Add the robust flavour of garlic to your dishes when you grab new garlic presses from Williams Sonoma. Garlic presses are designed to take the work out of pressing garlic as, instead of mincing garlic with a knife, these versatile garlic tools crush garlic through a small grate or grind it up, transforming the garlic into uniform and easy-to-cook pieces. Choose from a variety of styles of garlic presses, like traditional hand presses, grinders, rockers and more. Some garlic tools are even designed to work with unpeeled cloves of garlic, so you'll never have to worry about peeling your garlic with these ingenious devices. For versatile garlic tools and other kitchen essentials, you'll always find exactly what you need waiting for you at Williams Sonoma.

Find Garlic and Herb Tools, Plus Much More at Williams Sonoma

Garlic tools are just the beginning of the great tools available to you at Williams Sonoma. So add a little more flavour to your dishes, all with help from these unique accessories:

  • Shears are a versatile addition to any kitchen. Shears are used for a multitude of reasons, from chopping up herbs to opening food packages, to cut(more...)