Make Preparation Work Easier With Epicurean and Williams Sonoma

Whether you're cooking for family or friends, any cook knows that anything that makes prep work easier is worth its weight in gold in the kitchen, and that's where Epicurean comes in. With Epicurean knives and Epicurean cutting boards, you'll be able to prep like a professional in your cooking space. Epicurean cutting boards are an essential addition to any kitchen. Beautifully crafted and durable, Epicurean cutting boards work hard to protect your benchtops by giving you an ideal surface to work on. Crafted from lightweight materials, like wood-fibre composite, Epicurean cutting boards will fit seamlessly into your cooking routine. Offered in a variety of styles, you can find Epicurean cutting boards that feature perimeter wells, which are perfect for cutting juicier items as these wells collect liquids and help to keep your benchtops cleaner. So get chopping with your new cutting board.

Epicurean knives are closer to specialty items than a typical chef's knife, and include accessories like pizza cutters and spreaders. Still(more...)