Mortar & Pestle

Mortar and Pestles For Your Kitchen

Mortar and pestles have been part of many a cook's kitchen for millennia. This two-piece tool features the mortar, which is the bowl, and the pestle, which is the club-like tool. The mortar holds food items and the pestle helps to grind or crush the food in the mortar. Discover how this tool can help you prepare some of your favourite dishes.

Benefits to Using a Mortar and Pestle

Mortar and pestles help release the flavour of herbs and spices. They do this by crushing food items into a powder or a paste. They are adept at crushing nuts and smashing garlic and ginger too. Because they allow more of the essential oils and aromas of these foods to emerge, the result is a more full-bodied expression of flavour that enhances your favourite curry sauces, pestos, aoilis and more.

Our molcajetes can help you crush and grind whole spices into powders and blend spices too. They also double as a unique serving dish for your favourite dips, guacs and salsas.

What Are Mortar and Pestles Made From?

Some mortar and pestles are made from nonporous granite. It's very durable and offers lasting use. Our version sits on a silicone base for a secure hold on your countertop.

Others are crafted from wood or ceramic.(more...)