Olivewood Homekeeping

Olivewood Kitchen Tools For Your Home

When you're looking for more storage options for foodstuffs and dried goods, olivewood kitchen tools can help. Our selection makes it easier to keep foods fresh for longer while adding a natural, elegant look to your kitchen. Olivewood's smooth and strong design makes it a reliable choice for any kitchen accessory or tool.

Choosing Olivewood Kitchen Accessories

Olivewood brings an earthy, warm tone to any kitchen tool. This wood is often found to have slight variation in colour as well as natural streaks that offer an eye-catching touch. It's tight grained and durable - perfect for everyday use. Olivewood is resistant to stains and odors and hardy enough to withstand rot if maintained and cared for properly.

Caring for Your Olivewood Tools

To care for your olivewood accessories, it's important to hand wash them. Never put them in the dishwasher, as doing so could damage the wood. Dry your olivewood pieces right away.

You may wish to put a thin coat of oil on them which can help protect the wood. Make sure not to apply too much oil, and wait until the oil has fully absorbed into the wood before use.

Other steps in the care and maintenance of your olivewood tools include sanitizing in a hydroge(more...)