Shop For Drink Mixes, Margarita Mixes and So Much More

Making a delightful beverage at home is easy with the help of Williams Sonoma. In this collection, you can find a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink options that you can enjoy year-round. Discover warm-weather delights, such as margarita mixes and other cocktail mixes, which you can serve at your next gathering. You can also discover cool-weather drinks, including hot chocolate mixes and coffee blends that are a must-have for anyone who loves warm beverages. With so many options available in this collection, you're sure to find just what you're looking for. Shop Williams Sonoma today for drink mixes for your next get-together.

Cocktail Mixes

You don't have to be a skilled bartender in order to serve a delicious drink to family and friends. With the help of these cocktail mixes, all you need is your favourite liquor to blend with the mix and serve a delicious blend. Consider these flavour options as you shop:

  • Margarita mixes include many flavour options, including peach, strawberry watermelon, key lime, blackberry, mango passionfruit and classic lime. Find skinny options that use mo(more...)