Mandolines & Slicers

Mandolines Transform Food Prep Tasks

While a quality chef's knife can certainly handle julienning a carrot for a salad, and a good utility knife is perfect for slicing an apple for a quick snack, there are a number of occasions where even the most high-end knife is simply not the right tool for food prep. Any time that you have to create a lot of uniform slices, for example, you're going to want a mandoline. A mandoline is a handy kitchen tool that features a flat surface and a sharp angled blade that allows you to make quick work of a variety of food prep tasks. Having a mandoline slicer on hand will make your time in the kitchen a lot less tedious while also ensuring that the finished meal is as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

The Details

Having a quality knife set is essential for any kitchen, but anyone who likes to cook knows the value of having a mandoline in the kitchen arsenal. Mandolines create even slices of varying thicknesses, making them indispensable when making t(more...)