Graters, Peelers & Zesters

Bring Home Kitchen Accessories That You'll Love, Like Graters

There are so many kitchen accessories that will help to make cooking a little easier for you, and graters should be near the top of your list for must-have items. Crafted from durable materials, like plastic and metal, graters are perfect for everything from grating cheese to vegetables, fruits and more. Offered in a variety of styles, a classic option for the kitchen is the box grater. This style of grater sits flush on your chopping board, and is equipped on all sides with different grating options. Some styles even come equipped with zesters, so you'll be grabbing a multipurpose item for your kitchen. You can also bring home other options, like paddle graters, which are ideal for grating chocolate and fit easily into your hand. If you're short on space, microplanes are another option for when you need to get some grating done. Microplanes are compact and easily fit into your drawers, making them a space-conscious pick for your kitchen. Microplanes are perfect for a variety of uses, like grating chocolate, zesting fruits and even grating cold butter for use in recipes. No matter what kind of grating you need to get(more...)