Rounding out Your Cooking Essentials With Ovenware

Cook your favourite casseroles, lasagnas, meats and desserts with ovenware. A kitchen essential, ovenware is made from heat-resistant material to ensure safe and efficient use in any oven. At Williams Sonoma, you'll find a range of pieces to choose from to help you craft the perfect dish, every time.

Types of Ovenware

Our selection features individually sized dishes to large bakers and roasters that can prepare foods for the whole family. Ramekins are great for making individual soufflés, chocolate mousses or créme brulees. They're also small enough to hold side dishes.


Celebrate crispy crusts on an au grain or the moist centre of a perfect fruit crisp with one of our au grain dishes. Discover our dishware made for specific foods, like our shallow ceramic quiche dish or copper paella pan.

Cook your favourite casseroles or fruit cobblers in a rectangular baker and then take it right to the table. It's that easy - and that elegant. Versatile dishes like this one bring simple sophistication to your table setting.

Features of Ovenware

Many of the pieces in this collection are made from durable porcelain, a versatile choice for your kitchen. On select dishware, you'll fin(more...)