Dining Tables

Come Together Around Beautiful Dining Tables

Meals are a chance for you to sit down and visit with friends and family. Make that time a stylish and comfortable experience by shopping the collection of dining tables available at Williams Sonoma. Top-quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship make the luxury dining tables offered in this collection ones that will be at the heart of memories with loved ones for many years to come.

Choosing Your Dining Tables & Dining Table Sets

Whether you're looking for a single dining table or a complete dining room set, the incredible selection of products available at Williams Sonoma means it's easy to find the ideal fit for your space. As you shop, look at the key details of each design, such as:

  • Size: Make sure you're purchasing the right size table for your space. Not only does the table need to be the right scale for the room, but it also needs to accommodate the number of people you like to serve. If you're an avid entertainer, choosing an expandable dining table is a great way to make your dining space more versatile. If you do choose an expandable option, make sure it fits in both its smallest and its largest size setting.
  • Shape: The shape of the table can be just as important as the si(more...)