Oils & Vinegars

Gourmet Olive Oils For the Kitchen

When it comes to finding the perfect olive oils and vinegar sets, Williams Sonoma has you covered. We've curated an extensive selection, from classic gourmet olive oils to unique vinegar infusions. As you explore our collection, discover how different olive oils and vinegars can enhance your favourite foods.

How to Use Olive Oil

Olive oil is a versatile oil. It can be drizzled over leafy green salads and blended into marinades and sauces. Drizzle some into a shallow dish along with vinegar for a simple, but tasty dip for bread. It can be also be added over pastas, risottos and roasted meats and vegetables as a flavour-packed finishing touch.

Choosing the Right Olive Oils

Any gourmet olive oil features its own unique profile and tasting notes. Explore each of our olive oils to learn more about how they can work for you and your meal prep. In general, extra virgin olive oil is an everyday, all-purpose olive oil that can be used in a number of ways.

Our olive oils come plain or with an infusion of different ingredients to uplift your meals. Punch up pizzas or barbecues with the spicy kick of a chilli-infused olive oil. Enliven pastas, seafoods or salads with the zesty splash of a lemon-infused olive oil (more...)