Napkin Rings

Elegance at the Dinner Table With Gold Napkin Rings

Dress up your next dinner party or family meal with gold napkin rings. These small, cylindrical items add an air of sophistication to any meal. They are generally placed on top of the dinner plate. Napkins can be folded into intricate designs and placed inside of these rings to add an even more elaborate look to each place setting.

Choosing the Perfect Napkin Rings

At Williams Sonoma, you'll find napkin rings that come with sleek gold, silver or copper touches, as well as napkin rings made from natural fibres and materials. Select styles give you the option to purchase a napkin ring individually or as a set of four.

As you explore napkin ring styles, consider your dining room aesthetic. For timeless designs, gold napkin rings or silver napkin rings can make an impressive touch. Christmas napkin rings bring festive cheer to family gatherings at the holidays, while copper napkin holders lend a dynamic look to contemporary table settings.

What Do Napkin Rings Do?

The original purpose of napkin rings was to distinguish each member of the family's cloth napkin from each other's because the napkins were reused several times before being washed. Today, napkin rings are used to decorate place(more...)