Upgrade Your Kitchen With Top-Quality Knives

Any chef or skilled home cook will tell you that quality knives are essential for an efficient and safe kitchen. Sharp, well-made kitchen knives make prep work easier and result in more consistent slices, more even dices and generally more aesthetically pleasing results. Depending on how much you cook and what exactly you like to make, your individual knife needs may vary, but if you're starting from scratch, a complete knife set is a smart purchase. If you only need one or two specific knives, Williams Sonoma has plenty of options from trusted brands like Wüsthof, Zwilling and Shun.

The Details

Those just starting out with their own kitchens will certainly want to consider buying a knife set that comes complete with all of the most essential kitchen knives, honing steel and a block for storing everything on your countertop. The knife sets available at Williams Sonoma include anywhere from five to nine pieces, so you can opt for the one that best suits your kitchen and cooking needs. Here are just two of the available options:

  • Shun Premier 5-Piece Knife Block Set - Expertly crafted in Japan, this set of top-qua(more...)