Setting the Table With Dinner Napkins

Whether you're enjoying a casual weeknight meal with the family or hosting a dinner party with friends, having the right dinner napkins to accompany your table setting is a must. Discover how choosing the right napery can make your dining experience pop depending on what patterns, prints and materials you choose.

How to Use Dinner Napkins

Many of our dinner napkins come in a set of four, making it easy to coordinate multiple place settings. Traditionally, napkins have been used to wipe the mouth and hands at mealtime and to keep food spills and splashes from staining clothes. Today, napkins also add a decorative splash to your table. You can create even more visual flair to your table by including napkin rings or by creating elaborate folds and designs out of the cloth.

What Kinds of Materials Are Dinner Napkins Made From?

Our cloth napkins are made from cotton or linen. Soft cotton holds its colour after repeated washes. Discover ones made from sustainably sourced cotton or twill-weave cotton. Choose stonewashed linen for a casual wrinkled finish for easygoing meals.

Colours, Patterns and Styles

Consider your dining room aesthetic as you choose patterns and colours. We have a range of soli(more...)